A day in my life (which is kinda boring!)

Hey guys,

Wow, it's been like forever since my last post here in livejournal.

Nothing exciting going on with my life. The usual everyday university's life (sans the parties). I've been pretty busy with assignments, classes, etc etc... So far my Japanese learning is put on hold. At the moment, I need to focus on my French studies. It's already hard enough to practise English and French at the same time. But hey that's life and I'm just a normal human being. Your brain can't handle that much excitement.

My resolution for the new year: Just get serious with everything that you want to do and continue doing it. (Pretty lame, I know and it's pretty vague too)

What else can I say.....Oh, nothing...

Sorry guys, this has been one hell of a boring post.

PS: This maybe late, I just wanna say,
"Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho-san!!! Thank you for being the most amazing and wise idol that I never knew existed"

Have a nice day!!!
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My thoughts on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid...


This is gonna be a quick post. So, I just watched episode 11 of this great masterpiece (debatable, I know). Anyway, I've never been so frustrated in my life (after Kamen Rider Ghost, especially on that particular character and it starts with a the letter 'A" BUT that's a whole different story), my thoughts are, "Why can the four of you be friends, already?" and "Quit, with the internship bullsh't already, Hiiro!".

I can't....I know it's a kid show so the friendship theme should have started already by episode 7 or 8 but NO!!!! It still doesn't happen yet. I hope by the next few episodes, they WILL BE FRIENDS!!!

Okay, I'm done. Still love all the episodes that they came up with, BTW.

I'm just so DAMM FRUSTRATED that they still can't along with each other. Seems like Emu and Kiriya are starting to become comrades. Which is good...Maybe I should be positive (consider that every characters has their own dark past or unknown past, idk) and we will see in the next episodes.

Alright, I'm gonna quit whinning and resume being a procrastinator now...

See you next game!!! And happy holidays everyone (wave my arms in the air like I just don't care)!!!

Thoughts on Life

It's almost the week-end and I'm lazy AF. So I thought I should say something since I have the time to do so.

This week has been...surprising. Social medias like Tumblr and Facebook are mostly about the aftermath of the American election.

I know that many people are angry and furious about the result. But I just wanna say, PLEASE, stay calm and don't get yourself injured or in danger of any kind.

I say, DON'T and DON'T I say, do something that you will regret later in your life. I'm not saying this specifically for the people in the US. But I'm ALSO saying to the people who maybe need the support right now.

Maybe my words don't seem relevant to you. Me, coming from a stranger on Internet. I mean, who am I to you?

Maybe I don't have any relation to you whatsoever. Maybe I should mind my own business, you say.

In the end, what all I was trying to say is that, there's always someone who got your back. Whether it's from a stranger or from someone you know. It's not the end of the world :)

PS: Glad I got that all out. I've been thinking about this ever since the result of the election came out.
PPS: My Arashi album hasn't arrived yet T_T
PPPS: And I also broke my promise that "I will not listen to the album until my copy arrived" and guess what happened after four days? Can't wait for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid tomorrow!!! (rewatching from ep2, yeah, I'm slow)
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(no subject)

No...I will not be tempted to listen to Arashi's new album, "Are You Happy?"....because I'm waiting for my copy to arrive and I will not ruin the surprise by myself...HELP T-T

PS: They just shipped my copy like 2 hours ago..I mean please, arrive on tomorrow, please...
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School is...

Today is Monday and I'm about to go to my school.

God, why can the weekend be a little bit longer???

I don't hate school but I don't love it either. I mean it's a place where you can learn a lot of things but the downsides are plenty...

Sorry, I just feel dreaded to go to school today. Maybe I should skip it?

Nevermind, I'm going and that's final. Have a good week everybody!!!
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Learning a new language!!!

Hello everyone,

So, as you can see from the title, I will start to learn a new language soon (or probably tomorrow we'll see)... Anyway, I don't know what happened to me today. I mean, I'm so tired right now as I'm writing this post but I was so bored. So, I opened Youtube and then I stumbled upon a Japanese learning videos and all of a sudden, on impulse, I bought four e-books on how to learn Japanese. And after I'd done it, I realised like WHAT THE HECK DID I BUY JAPANESE BOOKS!!!!

On top of that, I managed to view two 15 minutes videos after the purchase. Like I JUST CAME BACK FROM 9 HOURS OF CLASS IN UNI AND YOU'RE STUDYING AGAIN!!! SH*T!!!

Okay, calm down...

But I realized, that maybe....I said MAYBE.....within my unconscious mind, that I really, REALLY want to learn Japanese. I should probably thank my stupidity for that.

I mean, I can speak three languages already, Malay (four if you count Indonesian because I can more or less understand what they're saying. Plus, we do have similar but not the same backgrounds fyi), English (hardly advanced but still...), French (still intermediate but I can write and read books in French though)....

And now JAPANESE???

Maybe my inner TOKUSATSU and J-Pop fangirl have finally made it through the surface :)

But I have no regrets (Maybe, not yet).....But I'm pretty sure it will be a great experience for me.

Wish me luck!!!!


PS: Buying languange books is not cheap (for paperback edition), that's why I bought the e-book version...he...he..
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